DSC_8474My name is Christina Owen. I am a mom of three living in St. Paul, Minnesota. The weeks after my second child was born were some of the most difficult weeks of my life, but my saving grace was a new mom support group. It was from this time period that I came to value the importance of having some sort of support mechanism for new (or new again) moms. It wasn’t until later that I discovered postpartum doulas and decided this was what I needed and wanted to become. My whole childhood and throughout my teen years I had a strong desire to help the plight of women, and over time that has not changed. It has evolved to wanting to help new mothers, to nurture them in this crucial period of their lives, and includes all aspects of the postpartum period – breastfeeding, infant care, and babywearing especially. When I’m not “doula-ing,” I am spending time with my moms group, facilitating a weekly mom group, playing board games with my kids, swimming, crocheting, or sewing something. I am also a Master Babywearing Educator through Babywearing International, and volunteer on my chapter’sĀ Board of Directors. I also love to cook. I love to feed people and usually I’m making food in large batches.

12528277_761753404770_455459205_oMy name is Megan Greenly. I live on the east side of St Paul and am a mother of three. I am a birth doula and Certified Lactation Education Counselor. I am passionate about birth and motherhood and have a strong desire to help new parents with their journey. Parenthood can be a challenging time, especially for first time parents. I strongly believe a great support system can have a tremendously positive impact on the process and doulas are very helpful additions to your team. In my free time I enjoy volunteeringĀ as a Volunteer Babywearing Educator through Babywearing International of the Twin Cities, spending time with my friends and family, camping, sewing, and scrapbooking.