What do I do?

Before birth:

After you decide to hire me, I will:

  • Come to your home for an in-depth tour of your space.
  • Get to know you and your partner/support person, as well as any other children you have.
  • I can also be available to help should you be required to go on bed rest.

After birth:

  • Education: I can help you learn about breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, and general infant care, supporting all your parenting choices.
  • Baby Care: I can show new moms how to bathe and dress baby, as well as common comfort measures for cranky babies.
  • Mama Care: I will provide a calm presence in your household. I will hold your baby while you take a walk, shower or even a nap. I will help you process your birth story and be a resource to you for questions regarding your post-birth body.
  • Family Care: I can help with sibling adjustment, hold the baby so mom can spend time with older siblings and just help with the transition to life with a new baby.
  • Household Maintenance: I will help with meal planning, prep and clean-up, laundry, some tidying, and errand running.

Other Services:

  • I can come to your home solely for babywearing consultations.