Postpartum Doula – My rate is $30 per hour for days. Shift lengths are usually 3-4 hours.

In-Home Babywearing Consultations – I charge a flat rate of $75 for an in-home babywearing consultation. We will go over different types of carriers and try them on for fit and comfort. I will help you with your carrier or carriers or show you some of mine. Includes borrowing one of my carriers for a month.

Overnights – I do overnights for a flat rate of $280 for an 8-hour shift. If nursing I will bring baby or babies to you at signs of hunger then once you are done feeding take them back to change them and put them back to sleep, maximizing the sleep your family gets.

Packages – Buy more and save!

Daytime Packages

21 hours – (Seven 3 hour shifts) – $600, a $30 savings!

30 hours – (Ten 3 hour shifts) – $825, a $75 savings!

45 hours – (Fifteen 3 hour shifts) – $1200, a $150 savings!

Overnight Packages

Five Nights – $1300, a $100 savings!

Ten Nights – $2500, a $300 savings!

Fifteen Nights – $3600, a $600 savings!

Please do not let price be a barrier to contacting me! I accept payment plans and will barter. Feel free to contact me at christina@tenthmonthcare.com